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Agi Bagi
“Agi Bagi” is 3D funny television series for children (2-5).

It describes the adventures of the residents of the planet that has two sides: Agi and Bagi. Its residents – Agingas and Bagingas – in a friendly way show each child how to join forces to solve many problems. Each episode tells a story about the environment and ecology, owing to that the little ones learn the most important things about our planet by playing.

“Agi Bagi” series in a unique way conveys educational elements that are essential for the child’s development, but are often overlooked in fairy tales for the youngest part of the audience.

Season 1 (13x11min) – 2015
Season 2 (13x11min) – 2016
Season 3 (26x6min) – 2018
Season 4 (26x6min) – 2022

The series is co-financed by the Polish Film Institute and FINA.

A Polish Film Institute Co-financed Production
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