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Witty Kitty
„Witty Kitty” is a children’s series for kids aged 3-7, which tells the story of a resourceful black and white cat and his friends. Each episode is a different adventure, with Witty Kitty taking on different roles. On one occasion he’s a scientist, on another a reporter, a poet, an inventor, a painter.

„Witty Kitty” is also a beloved hero of the cult comic series published in the most popular Polish children’s magazine Świerszczyk. The concept of the series and illustrations are the work of Kacper Dudek, while the text, in current issues, is written by Małgorzata Węgrzecka.

The series is created in 2D animation technique. We produced the pilot episode in 2021.

Season 01 (52x6min)
A Polish Film Institute Co-financed Development stage
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