AGI BAGI Fun for Kids

kids 2 - 6

“Agi Bagi fun for kids” is an application for the youngest full of colors and joyous sounds, which refers to the children's series "Agi Bagi". Thanks to the application, your child will get to know Agi Bagi planet, meet cheerful characters of the series and play with them. The application includes five games, that teach and amuse your child: planting plants on Agi together with Bodjo, dances with Bagingas, dressing up Mr. Moon, feeding and playing with Bumbly, fun with sounds along with Bodjo and Zeebee’s team.

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Agi Bagi Meadow Flyer

2 - 4

Agi Bagi Meadow Flyer is a colorful and joyful game for the youngest. It is the first game opening the series of three adventure games based on the "Agi Bagi" brand. The main axis of the action are the adventures of flying Zeebee, who at each level will have to complete some simple, but surprising tasks. Zeebee really likes to help and... does magic! In this game a player can use his power and actively participate in adventures, e.g. help Zeebee to cast a spell on the little Mushroom to make him grow healthily, use Zeebee’s magic to hatch the little Chick from its egg and many, many more.

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