Badi Production is a department dedicated to the production of animated series. Badi Production avails of the long-term experience of Badi Postproduction. Badi Production made its first steps in 2011 with the production of the short film entitled "The Game" (17 awards in animation festivals all over the world, e.g., Best of Show - Indie Fest, USA; Best Animated Film Award - Boston International Film Festival, USA; Excellence Award - Rincon International Film Festival, Puerto Rico, several dozen nominations). Since that time it has been developing its Animated Film Production Department. The first project that has set out the route for the company in the international market included the animated series for preschoolers called "Agi Bagi" - currently broadcast in 50 countries (in Poland in TVP ABC and in Polsat Jim Jam). The experience and know-how gained during the 2 years of the "Agi Bagi" project development has made the Badi Badi team apply them skillfully when launching subsequent animated series, namely, "The Flying Bear and the Guardians of Legends", "Box&Ball" and "The Wriggles".

Badi Production plans to develop further film projects - not only animated series, but also feature animated films for families.