The Flying Bear

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The Flying Bear
„The Flying Bear” is an action-packed animated adventure series for children over 6 years old. The series shows the adventures of a brother and sister: 7-year-old Jake and 11-year-old Madeline. As a result of a series of coincidences, the children become the helpers of a magical Bear, who as the Guardian of Legends tries to prevent the kidnapping of the heroes of folktales and legends. Madeline and Jake together with the Bear defend mythical characters against the computer virus called Cyber that tries to kidnap them to the parts of cyberspace that he infected and take control over them in order to turn them into an army to conquer the universe.

Season 1 (13x11min) – premiere 2019
Season 2 (13x11min) – in production – premiere 2021
A Polish Film Institute Co-financed Production
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