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Badi is a postproduction and animation studio

We specialize in visual effects & creative cooperation with brands all around


We offer a full range of film production and postproduction services

From initial creative strategy to the final editing of creative material. Depending on the clients needs, we can manage the whole process, or only certain phases.


We have a dedicated team for animated series and feature films for kids and family – all of which are our own brands

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DL1 Nintendo Switch Movie 4

DL1 Nintendo Switch Movie 3

DL1 Nintendo Switch Movie 2

Teekanne 15sek

Maczfit – Głodni Życia 45s

Recigar 30

DL1 Nintendo Switch Movie 1

Coccolino Żel

Felix Sąsiedzi

Hellena Strzelająca

Expander Marzenia

Danone Danio Śniadanio

Łomża Ciemne

FELIX Wielki Orzech

Media Expert Kurczak

Danio Camper

Heviran Comfort

Malinowy Król Kanapka

Malinowy Król Dworski

DANIO Nowe Metody


Agi Bagi

Agi Bagi. The Universe Is Not Enough.

The Flying Bear

The Guardian Of Legends

Robot And The Martians

Witty Kitty

Giggle Wiggle

Crazy Inventions

Box & Ball

The Wriggles


The Game


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